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“Breathalyse MPs and end alcohol subsidies in Parliament” – report recommendations

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“Breathalyse MPs and end alcohol subsidies in Parliament” – report recommendations 6th September 2018

A report recently published has recommended that MPs should be breathalysed before participating in Parliamentary business.

The report, “A tale of two moralities: Politicians, doctors, use of addictive substances and lobbying”, stated that alcohol use during the day is common amongst British MPs and Parliamentary staff even when Parliament is in session and that MPs are frequently under the influence of alcohol when deciding on important bills, potentially affecting their judgement.

It continued: “Lobbying from the alcohol and the tobacco industries is rife in Parliament. Parliamentary assistants receive monthly gifts of cigarettes and the latest vaping products. One of the world’s largest alcohol consortiums, Diageo, with revenues of over £10 billion last year, holds regular parties within Parliament itself, not to mention countless sponsoring of Parliamentary events.”

The report recommended that:

• MPs should be breathalysed before being allowed to vote – with same level of expectation (low-to-zero alcohol concentration) as per doctors.
• Alcohol subsidies in Parliament should stop.
• The serving hours in the Parliamentary bars should be reduced.
• Freebies to staff from all companies especially those involved with alcohol and tobacco should be stopped.

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