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Additional DEFRA dog boarding franchises guidance

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Additional DEFRA dog boarding franchises guidance 29th October 2018

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has issued additional guidance on dog boarding franchises.

The guidance issued this week seeks to provide further clarification on dog boarding business models and how these businesses should be licensed. These are models where a central office, or series of regional offices, arranges provision of dog boarding accommodation with host families across England.

DEFRA’s advice is that council’s find a middle ground between; one licence for the entire business or a licence for each individual home boarder. The guidance states: “The policy intention is for a middle ground between these two existing approaches. Such an approach allows for the proper inspection of activities involving animals in the interests of animal welfare and accords with the interpretation that businesses should be licensed where they are undertaking such activities.

“The policy intention is for these Businesses to require a licence from each local authority in which they have host families. The individual host families do not themselves need to be licensed (unless they separately meet the business test in the Regulations). It does not matter how many host families the Business has in each local authority only one licence will be required per area.

“This is a proportionate approach towards these Businesses. It does not go as far as requiring each host family to be licensed but will ensure that the level of care and welfare provided by the host families is regulated and a consistent standard maintained.”

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