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Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013: supplementary guidance updated Published Date: 13/01/2023

Updates to Guidance on commonly raised issues in relation to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 have been published.

The Guidance helpfully includes a list of amendments on page 2 as follows:

  • Removed information about transitional arrangements when the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was introduced in 2013.
  • Some re-ordering of the document, for example to move the definition of scrap metal to the beginning of the document.
  • Clarified the definition of scrap metal regarding catalytic converters and heritage metal in paragraphs 1.3 and 9.8. Paragraph 1.4 added.
  • Clarified that for some businesses the volume of scrap metal may be relatively small, but the value of it may represent a significant part of the business’ income, in paragraph 2.3.
  • Added that scrap metal dealers may wish to undergo training from the National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership, paragraphs 2.5 and 4.4. Paragraph 4.4 also states that the licensing authority may take training into account when considering whether an applicant is a suitable person to hold a licence.
  • Clarified the requirements for motor salvage operators in paragraphs 2.7.
  • Amended paragraph 3.6 regarding producers of ferrous and nonferrous metals to accurately reflect the legal position.
  • Clarified the requirements for vehicle collection companies in paragraph 3.12.
  • Added detail about the information that has to be provided with an application at paragraph 4.5 onwards.
  • Explained changes made by the Finance Act 2021 regarding tax checks to be undertaken as part of an application, at paragraphs 4.6 – 4.8.
  • Added that if the dealer is uncertain about the provenance of an item it is good practice for the dealer to delay payment in order to verify this, at paragraph 9.9.
  • Added a new section 13 on closure notices and orders, and the right to enter and inspect premises.
  • Added a paragraph about the review of the Act undertaken in 2017, at section 14.

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