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Welsh government urge people not to sing or shout in order to stop the virus spreading Published Date: 25/06/2021

The BBC reported that as the Euro 2020 finals continue with Wales due to face Italy in Rome on Sunday, "the atmosphere is much more tame."

Due to Covid, the Welsh government had urged people not to sing or shout in order to stop the virus spreading.

While restrictions have eased massively in recent months, there are still strict rules limiting who you can have round or go to the pub with to watch the games.  

In pubs, landlords were asked to take "reasonable measures" to stop the spread of Covid, including keeping the broadcasting of games to "background noise level" in a bid to stop people shouting over the commentary.  Other measures include bar staff having to wear facemasks and people having to remain socially distanced from friends and fellow fans, supporting Wales in a pandemic is very different to the memories of 2016.

The Welsh government said Covid guidance for pubs, bars, and venues - including stopping people from singing and standing - had been worked out in "conjunction with the sector".

Summary of the rules:

  • Only those in exclusive extended households - up to three, plus a single household - can meet inside a home to watch the game
  • If you are not in their extended household and want to go to a friend's house, you must stay outside
  • Up to 30 people can go to a private garden, beer garden or park to watch the game outdoors, but you must social distance, so no hugging, sharing drinks or food, and no singing
  • Up to six people from six households can go inside a pub together, but if they are not in your extended household, you must social distance
  • Masks will have to be worn while not seated in pubs and people are being told not to stand, with all food and drink having to be consumed at a table