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Woman kidnapped and sexually assaulted by fake taxi driver Published Date: 16/01/2024

Wales Online reported that Swansea Crown Court heard the attack has had a profound effect on the young victim leaving her feeling "numb" and wishing for her old life back. She said when she realised the driver was not taking her home but was stopping in an empty car park she believed he was going to rape and kill her.

The court heard that in the early hours of July 2 last year Jancso was "cruising" the streets of Swansea city centre in his black car looking for women to have sex with. He identified a lone and intoxicated female who was making her way home following a night out with friends and after following her for some time persuaded her to get into his vehicle. The 45-year-old then drove her to the car park of Swansea Tennis Centre near the Morfa retail park – a location which at 4am was deserted – and demanded sex. The defendant then touched the woman's thighs over and under her clothes. The court heard the young woman managed to contact a friend on her phone and when Jancso realised what she had done he stopped the assault and drove the woman home.

In a statement from the victim that was read to the court she said she had always prided herself on being streetwise and thought she would be safe using what she thought was a licensed cab. She said she would never forget the feeling of "sheer panic" she experienced when she looked up to see the driver was pulling into an isolated car park with nobody around and no prospect of rescue. The victim, who has automatic lifelong legal anonymity, said: "I thought: 'This is how I am going to die. He is going to rape me and then he is going to kill me'." The woman also said she used to be a positive and outgoing person but now just feels "numb" and she said she wishes she could have the life she used to have.

Andras Jancso, of Coleshill Terrace, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, had previously been convicted by a jury of kidnap, sexual assault, and committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence when he returned to the dock for sentencing. At the time he preyed on the woman in the city centre the defendant was subject to a community order for possession of indecent images and extreme pornography. For the latest court reports sign up to our crime newsletter here.

Judge Paul Thomas KC said on the night in question Jancso had been "cruising Swansea city centre" posing as a taxi driver and looking for women for sex in what was a "planned course of conduct". He noted that police subsequently found photographs and videos of women's behinds that the defendant had taken while driving around. The judge said CCCTV footage showed the defendant had followed his target in his black car for some time until she was alone and had then encouraged her to get into the vehicle by "effectively telling her you were a taxi driver" before driving her to the tennis centre car park and assaulting her. The judge said he had no doubt the defendant would have gone on to carry out a more serious sexual assault had his passenger not had sufficient wits about her to make contact with a friend via her mobile.

Jancso was sentenced to six years in prison comprising four years for kidnap, two years for sexual assault, and six years for committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence all to run concurrently.