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2022: Yvonne Lewis

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The Jeremy Allen Award 2022 was presented to Yvonne Lewis in recognition of her outstanding contribution to licensing.

Yvonne was nominated by 6 individual nominations, with a further 13 supporting submissions.

Nick Arron, Partner and Head of Gambling at Poppleston Allen Solicitors, said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Yvonne has won this year’s Award.

Not only has Yvonne dedicated almost 30 years of her life working directly in licensing, but she is also involved in several important initiatives that help continuously develop this vital part of our economy and to enhance the links between all parties involved in licensing. For instance, on top of her licensing day job, Yvonne sits on the Wales Licensing Expert Panel, is IoL regional Chair of Wales and was part of the Wales Hospitality Group; which led the industry and regulators through the Covid pandemic. This role cannot but underestimated as Yvonne was involved in shaping the legislation and guidance in Wales, satisfying the ever-changing public health situation and feeding back the concerns of licensing colleagues.

But in addition to her unquestionable commitment to licensing, and something that really stood out in the nominations received, was the number of times people remarked on Yvonne’s personality. Time and time again words such as approachable, dedicated, helpful, likeable and always available were used.

In a nutshell, Yvonne epitomises everything that the Jeremy Allen Award for Excellence in Licensing seeks to recognise.”

Institute of Licensing Chairman, Daniel Davies, said:

"It is an absolute pleasure to confirm Yvonne Lewis as winner of the Jeremy Allen award this year. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Yvonne’s dedication to licensing, her enduring support for fellow licensing practitioners and her commitment to the Institute of Licensing and the Wales Region in particular.”

Yvonne said:

"I am truly humbled and honoured to win the Jeremy Allen Award. To be nominated by so many
friends and colleagues is so heart warming and I am bursting with pride that I am part of such an
amazing inspirational organisation which I truly love."